KEF LS50 Wireless Titanium Grey Red Pair

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KEF LS50 Wireless Titanium Grey Red PairKEF LS50 Wireless Speakers, available in a titanium grey finish with stylish red drivers, add audiophile-grade amplification, sound processing and extensive connectivity to the award-winning LS50's acousti..

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KEF LS50 Wireless Titanium Grey Red Pair

KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers, available in a titanium grey finish with stylish red drivers, add audiophile-grade amplification, sound processing and extensive connectivity to the award-winning LS50's acoustic capabilities.


Expertly delivering a rich, multi-dimensional 'soundstage experience', people loved LS50, creating huge buzz at launch and bringing the professional studio monitor concept into the home. LS50 passive speakers were developed with the concept that everyone should be able to experience premium quality audio.

After five years, KEF stepped up to the challenge of creating a music system for the digital age. It upgraded LS50 passive speakers to the next level, revolving them into a whole, entirely active digital studio monitor arrangement for the home.


LS50 Wireless delivers a clear, accurate and transparent sound that creates an intense, rich, and multi-dimensional soundstage experience. Enabled despite its small enclosures through proficient aural design and advanced technologies.


Resonance, vibration, radiation and colouration are all removed through the flawless incorporation of the award-winning LS50 speaker's acoustic features. These comprise the FEA cabinet, Uni-Q driver, inhibited layer restraining bracing, meticulous-engineered rounded baffle and elongated lithe sound port.

Uni-Q Sound

The sweet spot listening experience is offered from anywhere in a room so you hear a three-dimensional sound image wherever you sit thanks to KEF's patented Uni-Q driver. Currently in the 11th generation, it positions the tweeter in the aural core of the bass/midrange cone, permitting LS50 Wireless to produce a more detailed, precise and attractively cohesive three-dimensional sound image.


Low and high frequencies are supposed to reach your ears at precisely the accurate time. This flawless time placement was merely an ideal situation in concept beforehand, and effortlessly exact sound could only be heard within a diminutive 'sweet spot'.

With LS50 Wireless’ progressive time adjusting DSP crossover and the distinguished sound diffusion abilities of Uni-Q, time corrected exact sound can be obtained in various types of rooms. This is a feat that cannot be reproduced by any other active speaker.

System Configuration

Audiophile-grade sound means audiophile-grade technologies. LS50 Wireless delivers this with an array of sophisticated components built in. Through expert audio engineering, LS50 Wireless includes an end-to-end 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path, dedicated DAC per channel, streaming pre-amplifier, and a 230-watt x2 amplification in a bi-amp dual mono configuration. All factory-optimised.

High Resolution

Every minute data from a high-resolution audio source is replicated in its entirity and precisely using an end-to-end 192kHz/24-bit high-resolution digital signal path. This generates a motion path from the contribution to the amps that is high resolution and wholly digital.

A normal RJ45 end for the intersect cable amid speakers and a Cat 6 isolated cable progresses bandwidth and presentation headroom while rebuffing noise and electromagnetic compatibility, guaranteeing LS50 Wireless sound is consistently high-quality.


The exquisiteness of the LS50 Wireless is its graceful combination of ease and class. IIt is simple to set up and use, yet bids classy sound fit for audio enthusiasts through stimulated audio manufacturing and the Uni-Q driver.

Plug and Play

An implausible listening experience is as simple as plugging in. Just link both LS50 Wireless monitors to a power supply and add a music source to relish in the first-class audio that your music merits.

Interior Design

With just two speaker inclusions, LS50 Wireless blends effortlessly into your home short of the clutter. Presented in a trio of sleek colours, Titanium Grey with Red; Gloss Black with Blue or Gloss White with Copper, the correct colour blend to tie in with your home and taste is simple to discover.


Regulate how the LS50 Wireless performs via a selectable EQ modified to reimburse dissimilar mounting setups, forming more choices for location and positioning. Irrespective of location, Uni-Q skill diffuses sound consistently for entire listening pleasure.


Link a vast variety of devices with LS50 Wireless' comprehensive assortment of connectivity choices, counting 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, Asynchronous USB Type B, TOSLINK Optical and RCA Analog. Attach up to 12 devices overall, counting eight maximum Bluetooth devices and shift amongst audio inputs opportunely.

User Control

The control panel, which reacts to touch, or the remote control can be used to warrant whole control of LS50 Wireless from a diverse facet. A devoted iOS or Android app can permit thorough change to enhance sound for diverse rooms.

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