• Touchscreen with 10.1-inch display and updated user interface

The Pioneer DJ all-in-one system’s 10.1-inch touchscreen is the biggest ever. It has a high resolution and frame rate, allowing you to view everything, even the smooth waveform, clearly. Plus, thanks to a new GUI design and a slew of new features, you’ll have a simpler time exploring and mixing. Touch any of the stacked symbols on the left side of the screen, for example, to get the essential information for each track right away.

  • FX Release: Infuse fresh life into your performances.

You may rapidly modify the energy of your mix by tapping the Performance Pads in Release FX mode, whether you want to add drama to a piece of a track or create an exciting moment before transitioning to another song on the other deck. Vinyl Brake (Short/Long), Backspin (Short/Long), Echo Out, Build Up, Mute, and Ducking are among the eight effect types available.

  • Get a visual understanding of track information with the color on the jog display.

The playhead position is displayed on the LCD screen in the middle of each jog wheel, and you can select to display artwork for a fast visual reminder of which track is loaded on the deck. The jog wheel rotation’s responsiveness has been much enhanced over the XDJ-RX2, and the Feeling Adjust function allows you to customize the ‘weight’ of each jog to your liking.

  • More Sound Color FX and Beat FX

All of the effects from the XDJ-RX2 are included in the XDJ-RX3, plus six more Beat FX and two additional Sound Color FX. As a result, you may use the DJM-900NXS2’s complete set of effects: Ping Pong, Filter, Phaser, Slip Roll, Vinyl Brake, and Helix are among the 14 Beat FX, while Space and Crush are among the 6 Sound Color FX.

The new XDJ-RX3 sports a chassis that is comparable to that of its predecessor. The biggest change between the RX2 and the RX3 is the redesigned 10.1-inch screen, which looks very similar to Pioneer DJ’s flagship media player, the CDJ-3000. There’s no getting around the reality that the screen has taken over the unit, and when it’s switched off, it looks a little strange. When the device is turned on, the huge brilliant display, which has a high resolution and a fast refresh rate, is amazing. Pioneer DJ’s touch interface is still in need of improvement, with certain parts tragically not responding to touch inputs.

The remainder of the XDJ-construction RX3’s is identical to that of the previous generation, which is excellent. The faders, switchgear, and tactile controls are still among the best in the industry, something Pioneer DJ has mastered for a long time. The 10.1-inch touchscreen is still resistive, which means it lacks the smooth multi-touch glass feel found on comparable machines like the Prime 2.

The screen flexes a little when you push the shortcut buttons since it protrudes so much above the chassis. The screen, on the other hand, is far brighter than any other all-in-one. Despite the lack of a day mode, it is still appropriate for usage in well-lit areas. Aside from the screen flex, the RX3’s build quality is excellent. It’s the latest in Pioneer DJ’s long line of high-quality products.

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