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  • Bose – 251 B Environmental speakers

    AED 1,850.00

    Make the most of your music by listening to it in the great outdoors. Enjoy balanced stereo sound over a considerably larger area than most outdoor speakers can provide. The music is delivered by our 251ยฎ speakers, which have a sophisticated appearance that lends a touch of elegance to your outdoor environments. They’re built to…

  • Bose Virtually Invisible 791 in-ceiling speakers II

    AED 2,729.00

    “”These circular Virtually Invisibleยฎ in-ceiling speakers include one 18 cm woofer and two strategically placed 2.5 cm tweeters, removing the need to point the speakers into the room. Boseยฎ Stereo Everywhere speaker technology delivers balanced stereo sound across a larger area with no drop-offs. Sold as a set of two. Each speaker features one 18-cm…