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    Roland KPD-70-WH

    AED 468.00

    Only Roland Kpd-70 Pedal

    (price of pedal only)

  • Roland A-300PRO-R MIDI Keyboard Controller

    AED 1,092.00

    If you?re looking for keyboard controllers that you can use in the studio, on-stage, or anywhere you feel inspired, look no further than the Roland?MIDI Keyboard Controller?A-300PRO-R. Combining the best of Roland engineering with Cakewalk?s legendary ease-of-use, the Roland?MIDI Keyboard Controller?A-300PRO-R has the features and feel you need to get the most out of your…

  • Roland A-49-BK

    AED 762.00

    Roland A-49-BK Midi Keyboard Controller

  • Roland A-49-WH Midi Keyboard Controller

    AED 762.00

    There’s no shortage of portable MIDI keyboard controllers on the market, but portability often equates to subpar keyboard action. With the new A-49, the game has changed β€” this lightweight, slim-line controller features a premium-grade, full-size keyboard that raises the bar in its class. Available in pearl white and black finishes, the A-49 is a…

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    Roland A-88 MIDI Keyboard Controller

    AED 5,247.00

    With 88 pro-quality weighted keys, the Roland MIDI Keyboard Controller A-88 sets a new standard for streamlined, portable MIDI controllers. Its Ivory Feel-G weighted keyboard ? a trusted asset found on high-end Roland workstations and digital pianos ? brings a new level of grand piano luxury to the portable MIDI controller market. But even with…

  • Roland AC-60 Acoustic Chorus Guitar Amplifier; Pure, Natural TOne

    AED 1,969.80

    Compact stereo acoustic amplifier with pure, natural tone and excellent projection 2 Channel design: Guitar input and Mic/Line input with Phantom Power Stereo 30 watt/dual 6.5 inch speaker configuration loud enough for club gigs and small PA applications Onboard DSP delivers lush stereo/multi band chorus, newly developed wide” chorus and delay/reverb with footswitch control Built…

  • Roland Additional cymbal set for the TD-1KV/TD-1K (OP-TD1C).

    AED 462.00

    Brand ROLAND Item dimensions LxWxH 24.8 x 24.8 x 42.5 centimeters Item weight 3 Pounds


    AED 2,313.60

    Wind instruments can impart powerful emotions upon music, especially within the genres of classical, pop, rock, and jazz. The sound of the saxophone, for example, has captivated music lovers of all ages, and many people would love to play one ? although it?s not always easy. For instance, there are many types of wind instrument…

  • Roland AE-10 Aerophone Wind Instrument

    AED 3,534.00

    In the studio and on stage, your trusty?acoustic?sax is always by your side. But if you work across a range of musical genres, imagine how useful it would be to own a single wind instrument that delivers every sound that?s required. The?Roland Aerophone AE-10?is a trailblazing?digital wind instrument?that fuses traditional sax fingering with the flexible…

  • Roland AIRA Rhythm Performer (TR-8S)

    AED 3,032.00

    The TR-8S combines the best of its Roland heritage with modern production techniques and professional sound design Design kits with authentic TRS drums, sampled sounds, and effects The TR-8S has every sound from the most sought-after TRS drum machines, with detailed circuit-models of the 808, 606, 909, 707, 727, and even several modified versions Pull…

  • Roland Arranger Keyboard E-X30

    AED 1,401.00

    When you have a burning ambition to be a musician, learning to play a keyboard is an ideal first step. Created by Roland, a brand that’s acclaimed by professionals around the world for its reliability, quality, and expression, the E-X30 is the perfect first instrument for any aspiring young player. The E-X30’s high-quality piano sounds…

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    Roland AX-Edge-B

    AED 4,232.00


  • Roland AX-EDGE-W

    AED 4,232.00


  • Roland BK-3 Backing Keyboard

    AED 1,930.00

    Portable, self-contained keyboard with built-in sound system High-quality sounds, rhythms, and Music Assistants Comfortable, intuitive user interface Compatible with music rhythms from?Roland?s?BK, E, G, and VA series Play a variety of backing formats (SMF, MP3, WAV, and rhythms) and record performances with optional USB memory Roland Wireless Connect capability for cable-free communication with iPhone and…

  • Roland BK-7M Backing Module

    AED 4,242.00

    Add a world-class backing band to your show with the new Roland?Backing Module?BK-7m, a state-of-the-art module that packs an interactive band into a sleek, slim package. No bigger than a book, the Roland?Backing Module?BK-7m is a dream machine for the entertaining artist or solo musician who needs a backing band onstage, in the studio, or…

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    Roland BK-9 Backing Keyboard

    AED 12,441.00

    The Roland Backing Keyboard BK-9 is the new flagship instrument in the acclaimed BK series, bringing together sensational sounds, top-class rhythms, and an incredible selection of premium features. You have a world of music under fingertip control, with a massive sound selection?including Roland?s renowned SuperNATURAL sounds?and a huge range of completely remastered rhythm accompaniments in…

  • Roland Blues Cube Artist212 Guitar Amplifier

    AED 5,336.00
    Brand Roland
    Compatible devices Guitar
    Amplifier type Amplifier
  • Roland Bluetooth Speaker with Guitar Input (BTM-1)

    AED 995.00
  • Roland Boutique K-25m Keyboard Unit, Portable Keyboard For Roland Boutique Modules

    AED 546.00

    The K 25m is a 25 key, velocity sensitive keyboard which transforms any Roland Boutique module into highly portable music making tool Measuring less than 12 across, the K 25m acts as a dock for any Roland Boutique module, including; A 01, JP 08, JU 06, JX 03, D 05, SH 01A, SE 02, VP…

  • Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad

    AED 554.40

    The compact and affordable?Roland Bar Trigger Pad BT-1?makes it easy to add?electronic?triggering to any?drum kit. With a curved shape that mounts on the side of a?V-Drums?V-Pad or?acoustic drum, it provides convenient playing access without disturbing your existing kit layout. The?Roland BT-1?is great not only for playing sounds in a?V-Drums?module or?SPD-series percussion pad, but also for…

  • Roland C-30 Digital Harpsichord

    AED 16,269.00

    Roland C-30 Digital Harpsichord

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    Roland CB-61RL Carrying Bag

    AED 422.40

    Protect your Roland keyboards in transit and storage with this custom-made logo gig bag. The Roland Carrying Bag CB-61RL is designed for 61-key instruments such as the Roland E-09, Roland GW-8, Prelude, Roland BK-5, Roland AX-Synth, Roland JUNO-Di, and Roland JUNO-Gi. Built for protection and convenience while transporting or storing keyboards Large outer pocket and…

  • Roland CB-76RL Carrying Bag

    AED 336.00

    Protect your Roland keyboards in transit and storage with this custom-made logo gig bag. The Roland Carrying Bag CB-76RL is designed for 76-key instruments such as the Roland JUPITER-50, Roland JUNO-Stage and Roland V-Combo VR-700. Built for protection and convenience while transporting or storing keyboards Large outer pocket and inner pouch for storing AC adaptors…

  • Roland CB-88RL Carrying Bag

    AED 526.68

    Protect your Roland keyboards in transit and storage with this custom-made logo gig bag. The Roland Carrying Bag CB-88RL is designed for 88-key instruments such as the Roland RD-300NX, FP-4F, and RD-700NX.* *Use with caution due to weight (25 kg). Built for protection and convenience while transporting or storing keyboards Large outer pocket and inner…