AKG K 912

AED 151.00


This 900Mhz small stereo headset uses the most up-to-date wireless transmission technology to allow you to listen to music or the sound from your television from anywhere in the home. Simply connect the transmitter to any audio source as follows: DVD player, CD player, television, VCR, hi-fi system, MP3 player, or radio

1.Headphones with an auto-scanning system
2.RF 900 MHz transmission with Phase Lock Loop (PLL) technology
3.Battery recharging by itself (batteries supplied).
4.RF technology allows you entire freedom of movement.
5.Line-of-sight transmission isn’t the only option.
6.The transmitter and headphone receiver both include a built-in charger.
7.High-definition stereo sound that is nearly free of interference.
8.Automatic Level Control (ALC) and Auto On/Off.


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