Behringer VS1520 600W 15″ Passive Speaker

AED 950.40


Behringer VS1520 600W 15″ Passive Speaker


Grab a 15″ Behringer Eurolive VS1520 passive PA speaker and add serious volume to your PA rig. At Sweetwater, we really appreciate speakers like the VS1520, which offer incredible bang for the buck and really get the job done. This full-range speaker comes loaded with a 15″ low-frequency driver and dual electrodynamic high-frequency elements, which provide steady, clear, and impressively loud audio. What’s more, the rugged exterior and road-ready steel grille mean this speaker will hold up to the rigors of everyday use. And thanks to its integrated pole socket and parallel 1/4″ jacks, the Behringer Eurolive VS1520 speaker fits right into just about any PA system.

Behringer Eurolive VS1520 Passive PA Speaker Features:

  • Road-ready, passive 150-watt (program)/600-watt (peak), 8-ohm, 2-way PA speaker
  • Combination of a 15″ driver and dual electrodynamic high-frequency drivers provides ample volume and clarity
  • Proprietary horn design delivers ultra-wide 80-degree x 40-degree sound dispersion to cover broad areas
  • Parallel 1/4″ jacks provide make daisy chaining additional speakers easy
  • Rugged steel grille and laminate finish hold up to serious mobile use
  • Heavy-duty recessed handles make transport easy


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