Yamaha MODX7

AED 8,104.80


Motion Control Synthesis unifies and controls AWM2 and FM-X sound engines. Super Knob controls multiple parameters simultaneously for highly expressive sound interaction
USB connectivity supports multichannel audio I/O (ten channels out and four channels in) plus 16-channel MIDI in and out Live Sets allow Performance organization without copying, changing order, or renaming 4-Part Seamless Sound Switching enables changing Performances while holding notes without cutting off the sound or effect For the keyboardist needing a wide range of expressive keyboard sounds, MODX is a synthesizer with ultra-realistic instrument and highly programmable synth sound. MODX works in any music performance or music creation situation. The MODX sound engine is based on the same technology powering the flagship MONTAGE: AWM2 (Advanced Wave Memory 2) sample and synthesis engine and a pure FM-X (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer modernized for amazing sound playback and complex sound design.



Number Of Keys: 76
Touch-Sensitive: Yes
Aftertouch: No
Split Zones: Yes
Modulation Wheel: Yes
Number of simultaneous Voices: 128
Sound Engine: AWM2 + FM-X
MIDI interface: MIDI In/Out
Storage Medium: Flash-ROM
USB-port: Yes
Effects Multi-effect processor
Arpeggiator: Yes
Number of Analog Outputs: 2
Digital Output: No
Display: Yes


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