Yamaha YDP143B digital Piano

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Yamaha YDP143B digital Piano

The black walnut Arius YDP-143B from Yamaha is an 88-key digital piano featuring a Graded Hammer Standard keyboard designed to emulate the feel of an acoustic piano, and matte-finished black keys that makes them less slippery when playing for extended periods of time. It has damper, sostenuto, and soft foot pedals with continuous control, and provides playback from two oval speakers and built-in dual 6-watt amplifiers, or two 1/4″ headphone jacks with Stereophonic Optimizer technology.

The piano allows for selecting between a soft, medium, hard, or fixed touch response to correspond to the performer’s individual playing style. The PureCF sound engine powers ten built-in voices that are based on samples taken from the company’s CFIIIS concert grand piano. And 192-note polyphony allows many of the most complex piano compositions to be played without any dropped notes, and with sustained notes ringing through faithfully.

Two voices can be layered for creating new sounds. A built-in two-track MIDI recorder allows for capturing a performance and playing it back. Using the feature, right- and left-hand performances can be recorded separately at any tempo, and then either hand can be played back by the piano for additional practice. Fifty songs are built in, allowing for additional learning opportunities.