Roland Touch Bassline TB-3

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Roland Touch Bassline TB-3The Magic Of The Tb-303 With New Sounds And Modern, Performance-ready FeaturesBased on the wildly influential TB-303, the new Roland Touch BasslineTB-3 is a performance-ready bass synthesizer with au..

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Roland Touch Bassline TB-3

The Magic Of The Tb-303 With New Sounds And Modern, Performance-ready Features

Based on the wildly influential TB-303, the new Roland Touch BasslineTB-3 is a performance-ready bass synthesizer with authentic sound and intuitive controls engineered to play. The Roland Touch BasslineTB-3 contains the unmistakable character of its predecessor, wrapped in a modern package with a pressure-sensitive touch pad that makes both playing and programming a total joy.

The Roland TB-3 looks great, and is designed to work seamlessly with other products in the AIRA series. In addition, you can connect the TB-3 to your computer via USB to send and receive both audio and MIDI data, including MIDI clock information for syncing with external devices and other AIRA units.

Capturing The Original

  • Meticulously crafted from a pristine TB-303 unit, original spec sheets, and archival data
  • Roland’s ACB technology models each component and every aspect of the original TB-303 sound
  • Faithful recreation of the original saw and square oscillator waveforms
  • Attack, slide, tie, and other elements that characterize the TB-303 have been fully reproduced, including how they interact with each other
  • Authentic filter behavior with smooth response and classic sound

TB Evolved

  • Pressure-sensitive touch pad
  • 134 captivating sounds, including the original TB-303 tones and new four-oscillator, effects-processed basses, leads, and sound effects
  • Dedicated Tempo control with shuffle and tap tempo functions
  • Control built-in effects with smooth, responsive knobs
  • 7-segment, 3-character LED display
  • Seamless switching between pattern creation and performance
  • 16-step indicator lights to aid in pattern creation
  • Pattern support for up to 32 steps
  • Easy access to shuffle control for bass lines that groove
  • Enter steps manually or record in real time on the touch pad
  • Change step count during playback to alter the length of phrases
  • Random pattern generation and pattern modification
  • Pattern copy function

Tb-3 Version 1.1 New Features

  • Backup And Restore
    • Manage your pattern library with easy backup and restore over USB.
  • Improved Playability
    • Tuning — Control both pattern tune (-700 to 700 cents) and master tune (430-450).
    • Pattern Tone — Assign a specific tone to a pattern so sound will change automatically when pattern is selected.
    • One-touch Transpose — Transpose a pattern during performance by simply pressing a note on the touchpad’s keyboard. No need to hold “Keyboard”button.
    • User Bank — Organize your favorite patterns for quick access in live performance with a custom user bank.
  • Improved Editing
    • Pattern Lock — Lock the contents of a pattern so you can experiment without losing your original groove.
    • Pattern Pitch Shift — Quickly change the root note of a pattern by shifting its pitch.
    • Extended Note Range — The sequencer now supports notes from C0-C6 for added flexibility and dramatic slides.
    • Extended Transpose Range
  • Improved MIDI
    • Modes — Local On/Off and MIDI Controller modes determine how MIDI data is sent and received.
    • External Record — Record patterns in real-time from external MIDI devices.
    • Slide and Accent — Implementation of both slide and accent pattern by MIDI control change.
    • Scatter — Scatter On/Off, Type and Depth can be controlled via MIDI control change.
    • MIDI Off — Disable sending of all MIDI messages.
    • Extended Range — Note range has been extended from C0-C8 when controlled by external MIDI device.

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