Terms & Conditions


  • The manufacturer warranty is for at least one year from the date of purchase. Amps, Microphones, Pedals, Mixers, and Keyboards are examples of electrical devices that can be used. Guests of Honor (excluding woofer).
  • The following electronic gadgets are covered by a two-year warranty: earphones and headphones. (Unless verified as a manufacturer defect, all musical instruments and other gadgets do not come with a guarantee.) Subjected to company warranty.
  • Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase (TAX Invoice)
  • The prime supplier or manufacturer bears primary responsibility for warranty services.
  • If the product has been serviced or tampered with by unauthorized individuals, the warranty becomes void.
  • Any Clearance or Special Offer products are not applicable for warranty

If the damage or defects were caused by improper usage, wrong storage, dropping, extreme shocks, corrosion, water, or sand damage, warranty repair service is not available.